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Segment plates by NOTTER

In many large companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries, segment technology has become an essential part of tablet production. It offers a simple yet effective way to increase the output of tablet production by up to 40 %. Together with materials and coatings adapted to customer-specific requirements, NOTTER segments form a highly efficient and long-lasting system in the value chain.

NOTTER direct segments

The patented NOTTER solution functions with direct holes without die plates, thereby making possible more tablet stations per turret and, thus, enabling maximum output of tablet production. At the same time, Notter direct segments convince with especially uncomplicated and time-saving setup and cleaning.

Advantages of NOTTER direct segments:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully hardened
  • Maximum service life
  • Multiple life cycles

NOTTER direct segments are exceptionally corrosion-resistant and, therefore, easy to clean in a very short amount of time. To minimize abrasive wear and adhesion of adhesive material and to maximize the service life, our segments are fully hardened and provided with an optional functional coating.

NOTTER segments can be reused multiple times: After intensive use, worn holes can be enlarged by us to a larger diameter for the next life cycle or modified in shape and then reused by you. This reduces the number of new purchases, saves resources and makes a significant contribution to sustainable production.

NOTTER direct segments

Solutions for proven technology

NOTTER adapter segments

NOTTER die segments

For users who use a segment turret but still wish to change their dies themselves, NOTTER offers suitable die segments that likewise ensure continued maximum flexibility in production.

Advantages of NOTTER die segments:

  • Continued use of die inventory
  • Independently change dies
  • Short-term flexibility
  • Segment machine becomes die machine

With the NOTTER die segments, the proven die technology benefits from the effectiveness and functionality of the segment technology. Here, the clamp fastening patented by NOTTER enables precise fitting of the dies without the known problems of the two-sided cone clamp fastening with die segments.

NOTTER bush segments

This world's first from NOTTER combines the durability and simple handling of a pure segment solution from NOTTER with the variability and economic efficiency of changeable bushes.

Advantages of NOTTER bush segments:

  • All the advantages of segments
  • Bush replacement by NOTTER
  • Maximum variability
  • Maximum economic efficiency
  • Long-term use of the segments
  • Cost-effective and sustainable
NOTTER bush segments

The special bushes are integrated in the segment plates by NOTTER ex works so precisely and seamlessly that the setup work in production is comparable to that of the direct segments. Here, too, the patented clamp fastening ensures trouble-free fitting of the bushes without the disadvantages of two-sided cone clamp fastening with die plates. Cleaning is just as easy, as the bushes do not need to be removed. In addition, the new technology offers the possibility to integrate bushes with especially abrasion-resistant or exotic materials at any time. The replacement of worn bushes or the changeover to special bushes is performed by NOTTER and greatly increases the long-term usability of the segment plates and, thus, the sustainability of this solution.

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