• Tabletting Tools
  • 2D/3D Visualization

    Exact simulation of weight Volume and surface 3D CAD and Rapid prototyped Models Finite Element Calculations (FEM) Exten­sive experience

  • Material Selection

    Steel Material specifically developed for NOTTER Many different alloys and heat treatment dependent structures Adapted toughness Wear resistance and breaking strength Corrosion resistance

  • Embossing

    Perfectly embossed sur­faces by using preformed blanks Total precision (Accuracy < 2/100 mm), particularly in the area of engraving

  • Heat Treatment

    Individual recipes adapted for materials and applications Process­controlled heating and cooling phases Core temper­ature moni­toring accurate to 1°C Repeatable and tested hardness and toughness Resulting in high breaking strength and wear resistance

  • Grinding

    Grinding of head, shaft and tip provides precise geometry and a perfect surface finish High oper­ational reliability and longevity Optimized NOTTER head shape geo­metries available for use with standard shaped cams

  • Coating

    Plasma high vacuum coating producing a micro-fine surface finish Proprietary coating systems developed in house Reduction of effects such as sticking, picking and wear

  • Polishing

    Manual finish, Trimming of engravings and small spaces Reduction of sticking and picking Functional optimi­sation for perfect Tablet quality

Notter Tabletting Tools

For over 50 years, NOTTER TABLETTING TOOLS has been renowned for unique precision and the highest quality standards. Our in depth knowledge, developed over decades, combined with modern engineering and innovative manu­facturing methods enable us to create tabletting tools in their own class, which are significantly above the industry standard and tailored to the differing requirements and needs of pharma­ceutical tablet production.

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Innovative and sustainable
Baden-Württemberg's biggest business award honors NOTTER
Award Schwarzer Löwe for NOTTER
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ECO Tool Line

  • Engineered for products with normal wear behaviour and standard pressing forces
  • Normal service life
  • Available for Euro B, D
  • Possible coatings: PLASMACHROM®
  • End-to-end testing to ensure conformity with requisite parameters – simple inclusion of data in dispatch certificate
  • Made in Germany

PRO Tool Line

  • Engineered for high-volume manufacturing, including abrasive and challenging products
  • Capable of achieving very high pressing forces
  • Above-average service life
  • Materials tailored to specific application
  • Specially adapted coatings
  • Available for all tool types
  • Full measurements and documentation in dispatch certificate, including detailed dimensions relating to shaft, diameter, functional size, overall length, head height and diameter, as well as tip diameter


Now with free commissioning support:
Our application engineer, Harald Römer, will gladly answer all questions relating to your new NOTTER tableting tool, from installation through to maintenance and care tips, either in a personal conversation, by phone or via video chat.