NOTTER – Tool-Management

TTS (Tabletting Tool Scanner) by Notter is a pioneering laser measurement system to determine the exact dimensions of functional length and overall length of the tool in a single step. TTS allows you to speed-up the measurement process dramatically. Only one third of the time of a manual analysis is required. At the same time Tabletting Tool Manager (TTM) – a high-performance analysis and administrative software integrated within the system – provides other business-critical information, such as total usage, downtime, repairs, etc. associated with the specific tool. In addition, TTM is a full resource management system and includes e.g. Tabletpresses, Turrets and Compression suits.

The latest version TTM20 is based on SQL. Developed by Notter, TTM offers a maximum of flexibility with regard to the realization of customer wishes.

NOTTER – Tool-Management

Furthermore, the Assembly function included in Tabletting Tool Manager can be used to compile recommendation lists for the regular deployment of all existing tools targeting for uniform wear. The integrated pairing function can be used to minimise force variation in production.

Sophisticated tool analysis

  • Check for application requirements of the tools
  • Analysis of the current status of the tools
  • Data collection: e.g. Number of compressions, repair and failures
  • Assessment and corrective action