Tool Coating

Besides hardness, break resistance and corrosion resistance of the base material, the surface coating plays an important role in optimising and reducing wear, and sticking and picking tendencies.

At our coating center we have focused our research and develop­ment efforts mainly on these two areas. As a result, today we are well equipped with a variety of unique, micro-fine and almost non-porous surface finish coatings. These coatings increase lifetime, reduce wear and enable the surface separation of tablets made from difficult, sticking prone powders.

Naturally biocompatible: Original PLASMACHROM® by NOTTER

Coatings containing chromium reduce material adherence, increase abrasion resistance and improve the corrosion resistance of tableting tools. However, even the tiniest traces of chromium compounds have a toxic effect on the body. Plasmachrom® by Notter is the only PVD coating which with certified safety eliminates contamination by chromium compounds in tablet production in compliance with DIN EN ISO 10993-5:2009, thereby making it biocompatible.

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