NOTURA® SMART TOOL – We put our stamp on efficient product development.

The sustainable solution for efficient product use: In the pharmaceutical industry, production-related validation and galenic development consume relatively large and often precious quantities of product. The NOTURA® Smart Tool avoids damage to the tool and the pressure roller due to the pressing forces, regardless of the production speed. A robust patented solution creates a counter force in the NOTURA® Smart Tool stamp.

PROBLEM: If you want to save time, the trade-off is more wear and inaccurate data.

In order to get valid, scalable data for the production process, the tablet press, equipped with all test stations, must run at production speed.

SOLUTION: Maximum practical relevance. Minimal cost.

With the NOTURA® Smart Tool it is finally possible to test tablet compression with a small amount of product on a single station with the stamp to be tested. At the remaining test stations, the NOTURA® Smart Tool simulates the function of the tablet stamp without pressing the product. This innovative solution now offers developers valid, scalable data for their production processes – while using as little product as possible.

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