NOTURA® DISC – We have added something extra to maximize service life.

The innovative solution for a long service life and sustained precision. Tablet production is relentless: Modern tablet presses used in the pharmaceutical industry are in operation around the clock. The forces applied by the press rolls in combination with the high torque result in a permanent, one-sided application of force on conventional tableting tools and this leads to premature wear at critical points.

With NOTURA® Disc, NOTTER now offers an ingenious patented solution to the problem:


When a load is applied, the freely rotating disk in the tool head simply rotates too and thereby decouples the tool from the torque.

This has solved the following problems:

  • Head wear
  • Wear to punch tip of molding tool
  • Multi-tool punch tip load reduced
  • Obstructed free movement of punch
  • Abrasive wear on punch tip of round die

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