Innovative and sustainable
Baden-Württemberg's biggest business award honors NOTTER

The SCHWARZER LÖWE award is Baden-Württemberg's biggest business prize. The organizers are leading regional daily newspapers in the Stuttgart metropolitan region and the Black Forest. In seven different categories, which cover key future topics such as sustainability, digital transformation and innovation, companies are recognized for their special contributions to securing the future of the location. A high-caliber jury from the worlds of business, media and science selects the award winners.

In the Innovation and Sustainability category, the focus is on companies whose products or services make exceptional contributions to securing the future. NOTTER took 2nd place in this category with Plasmachrom®. Plasmachrom® replaces the conventional, environmentally harmful hard chrome coating, which contains toxic chromic acid and Cr6+ ions. Plasmachrom® offers an improved non-stick effect that enables undisturbed high-volume production in tablet manufacturing while being environmentally friendly and safe for employees.

The innovative process involves coating tools in a high-vacuum chamber in which a metallic chrome plate is converted into plasma ions by arc evaporation. These ions then form a layer on the tools which, thanks to nanostructuring, forms an excellent anti-release coating. Plasmachrom® thus stands out from other plasma or PVD coatings and is already established, appreciated and extremely successful on the market.

Plasmachrom® solves not only technical but also ethical customer problems by ensuring that no toxic ions are deposited in the tool surface - a crucial aspect, especially in tablet production.